From Italy to Nottingham

Hello to everyone I’m Michele I’m from Italy. This week I worked for this shop from Tuesday to Friday. I agreed at the project of prof. Avanzi which provided to spend a week abroad for work and when he proposed to my school I thought it was an unmissable experience for me, so I accepted and now I’m in Nottingham! Before left Italy I was worry because this is my first test to try my English and I thought that I couldn’t understand anything but fortunately my host family and Kate was very kind and patient with me and I would like to thank them. I agreed for this project because I want to improve my English and this experience helped me. In this beautiful shop i tried to help Kate like I could and she showed me a lot of thing about the shop and she taught me that if you have a dream you can realise it. I did some different thing so I’m never bored here rather I’m enjoyed. For example I took some picture of new products then Kate taught me how I can upload on her website. Another day I priced new objects and I recorded them on Kate’s archive. She also taught me how to help the customers and to use the cash register. Today is my last work’s day in Nottingham and I’m very sad because it was a beautiful experience. I’m sure that Nottingham will miss me but maybe one day I will come back, I hope so… I want to thank again prof. Avanzi for the chance that he gave me, my host family for them hospitality and Kate for all. Thank you very much!