Hello to everyone, I’m Martina and I’m a 17 years old student. I’m from Italy and I’m based in the gift shop on a work training experience. The last thing I expected to do was going from a small village in the North of Italy to a bigger city in the U.K. to try working.  When I left Italy on the 28th January I was convinced it would have been an incredible and brilliant week. “Working” in another country can be so much different from your own one. Even there can be similarities, expectations can differ hugely. I think that it’s something essential for any teenager in his/her life as it gives you a stepping stone into a completely different world from the school’s one. It’s true that sometimes it may not live up your expectations but reflecting back to my first day here it has been one of the most memorable in my life. I’ve tried crochet, I’ve learnt uploading products on a website, I’ve learnt how to use cash register,  I’ve taken some photos of the products in the shop and I’ve uploaded them on Facebook with a brief description. So..I’ve never been annoyed. I had the possibility to meet Kate and to collaborate with her, always trying to do my best even if it was my first time. She’s a very very kind person, patient, friendly, polite, funny, always smiling and everything else positive you can imagine. She gave me the opportunity to discover this incredible world: each day was a new discover. Well, I think that I cannot describe how i’m thankful to my parents, my grandparents, my teachers and finally to Kate. Saying it has been an unforgettable experience isn’t surely enough. Hope coming to Nottingham soon and why not, moving here in a near future.  These are opportunities that come once in a blue moon so, if you can try it and be sure, you’ll never regret it.