Cowboy Cuffs, Bandanna and Moustache Set

cowboy dressup
cowboy dress up


This Cowboy Cuffs, Bandanna and Moustache Set is perfect for the fledgling Cowboy or Cowgirl on your gift list. When they head out on the range with this gear, they really make a statement.




The fringed cuffs are made of felt, and have a sheriff star on them. They fasten with Velcro, which is easy to do even while steering cattle. The moustache is to tide you over until you can grow your own, even the girls. Chortle.

The bandanna is great for keeping the dust out of your eyes on the dusty plains, for wiping down your saddle or clearing up the pork and beans.


This product conforms to CE standards (European standards) which means it has been tested for safety, flammability and made from certified materials.

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Yellow star & blue bandana, Blue star & black bandana


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