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Chloe hall illustrationWhat is your mission for this year ?

This year I’d like to keep producing new cards, prints and one of a kind products – keep expanding on my current collections and bring out new and exciting work regularly! I’d also like to keep pushing the sustainability factor in my business and keep trying my best to be an eco-friendly brand. 

Chill out time .. when you need to unwind what would you choose ?

When I need to unwind, I find the best place for me personally is to get outside, go for a walk, do the garden, or I’m lucky enough, get to the sea! 

What are you most proud of in your business ?

That I didn’t give up and kept going.

Technology or traditional tools ?

A bit of both, but I lean more towards traditional, I love my watercolours and gouache paints. I like the hands on approach, but I do use Photoshop to neaten up my work, and set things up for print. 

Where is your happy place ?

Sitting at my bureau painting, in the garden or in Swanage in Dorset. 

If you closed your business tomorrow what is the one thing you would take from the experience ?

I think perseverance is one of the biggest takeaways from running a business, it’s not an overnight success, and I think I’ve learnt that if you are determined enough and keep pushing you can achieve what you want to. 

What music do you listen to whilst you create ?

I listen to all sorts of music, mostly lofi! I have to have music on when I work, it makes me so much more productive. I normally let my Spotify shuffle and love discovering new music.

What has been the biggest surprise to you whilst running your business ?

I think the online community has been the nicest surprise for me, I love the Instagram community and love meeting people who have similar interests and also run their own businesses, and seeing them do well is so inspiring! 

Materials – what can you not be without ?

My paints, a sketchbook and my laptop. I love seeing the journey from sketchbook to final product and everything in between!

Chloe’s studio

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